Gold Star Package Explanation

Before our Jump Start call, I will ask you to complete a questionnaire giving me as much background knowledge as possible about your project. I want to be well-versed in your vision for project completion. YOU are the expert in our partnership and all of the specific details will come from you.

During our Jump Start call, I will ask any clarifying questions and learn more about your motivation style, your time commitments in other areas of life, and the specifics of the project that you will be working on.

After our call, I will provide you with a step-by-step action plan that will allow you to not only complete the project but give you intermediate checkpoints along the way to keep you on track. As you work through the project, we will talk weekly by phone during one of four Accountability Check-ins. During those check-ins, our discussion will guide you to reflect on your progress made toward your goal and it will also provide the opportunity to consider adjustments to the plan.

An additional 15 minutes will be added to our final Accountability Check-in in order for us to have the opportunity to reflect on your overall progress and make decisions about the next steps. You will finish with the satisfaction of a completed project (or at the least, one that is now well underway) and the feeling of accomplishment and relief that comes with finally seeing this through.

The Gold Star Package is currently being offered for $75. This introductory pricing is for my first 3 clients only.