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Stop allowing that unfinished project to follow you around and rain on your parade!

That unfinished project is leaving you feeling unfulfilled in some way. Perhaps it is even adding to a daily feeling of stress and anxiety.

That project could be your biggest regret - and you need to get it done. It may be a personal and vulnerable project (like making a baby book or handcrafting a gift) or something that would “just” improve your life (like cleaning out the garage or getting started with a regular exercise program). The bottom line is, regardless of the type of project, it is most likely causing some feelings of unrest each time it surfaces.

Let’s be honest. Most of the time we are trying to make it through the next couple of hours or days. Our everyday tasks keep us constantly on the go, and we struggle to keep our heads above water. When there are appointments and meetings to attend, meals to be made and drop-offs that need to happen, that unfinished project is repeatedly moved to the back of the line.

But you know what? You are working hard! You deserve the peace of mind that comes with completing that project.  

Enter FosterForward.

My name is Sara Foster and I am a Productivity and Accountability Coach who will help YOU complete your neglected projects. I have over 20 years of experience working as an educator with a variety of age groups and now I’m bringing my motivation and accountability expertise to a new venue.


Gold Star Package

How Does it Work?

The Gold Star Package is for a person who has an overall vision of what a completed project would look like, but who needs help breaking the project into actionable steps and would benefit from weekly accountability check-ins. The Gold Star Package is great for long-term projects like setting up a workout plan, cleaning and organizing a home, establishing a calendar or planning system, organizing digital files, completing a home improvement project, or even building time in your schedule to pursue a hobby.

What’s Included?

  • a digital questionnaire used to collect background information about your vision for project completion

  • one 60-minute Jump Start call via Zoom to discuss the details of your project

  • a typed summary of our Jump Start call discussion

  • a step-by-step action plan and timeline with pertinent deadlines

  • four 15-minute accountability check-ins by phone (frequency determined during our Jump Start call) **Additional accountability check-ins are available as add-ons to this package.

    The Gold Star Package is currently being offered for $75. This introductory pricing is for my first 3 clients only.

Fast Forward

The Fast Forward Single or Multi-pack is designed for clients who need some on-site, hands-on “work buddy” time to forward a project at a faster rate. The Fast Forward on-site project assistance is currently available to Denver Metro area clients whereas the virtual project assistance is available wherever my assistance can be transmitted through Zoom or FaceTime. The Fast Forward time is best utilized for projects like sorting and organizing documents, digital files, pictures, or clothing, assisting with the assembly of mailers or packages for a business, or even structuring and compiling a weekly calendar of personal and professional events and to-do items. The Fast Forward can be easily customized to meet your needs.

What’s Included?

  • a digital questionnaire used to collect background information about your vision for project completion

  • one 60-minute, on-site “work buddy” session during which we both roll up our sleeves and dive into the task at hand **This can also be done virtually if the project allows.

Individual Fast Forward sessions - $30/session

Fast Forward Multi-pack (3 sessions) - $75 **The Multi-pack can be used on separate occasions or sessions can be combined for use on the same day.

What Gold Star Recipients have to say about FosterForward…

The highlight of the Gold Star Package was the accountability check-ins. Making my goal known and having Sara there to remind me that I agreed to do this was crucial to my follow through. - Lindsay

Sara’s summary emails that followed our accountability check-ins made me feel at ease, like the tasks were totally do-able! -Gerrie

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